After only spending half an hour on a game, will I love it enough to play it again, or will I decide it’s not my thing? And most importantly, will I actually play the good games again, and am I missing out on wonderful games by judging them too harshly?

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All of this thrives on reader interaction. Did you already know the game I played? Did you like it? Am I playing it completely wrong? Or did you discover something new that you absolutely love and are installing as we speak? Did I call one of your favourite games complete trash, and you have opinions about that? That’s what the comment section is for! Let me know!

All that, in Rambling Reviews.


This actually isn’t the first time I start a review blog.

The first time was in 2020. The world had just gone into lockdown due the Covid-19 pandemic, and I was counting down the days until March 20 - the Animal Crossing: New Horizons release date.

In an attempt to keep myself occupied and work through my ever-growing, never-ending Steam library backlog, I challenged myself to play a new game every day for at least 30 minutes and then write down my first impressions. This blog was called “Project 2020”, reached a handful of loyal readers but otherwise didn’t take off.

The second time was a couple of months later, when I had burnt through hundreds of hours on AC:NH and was bored again. I decided to continue the reviews but rebrand it to ‘Rambling Reviews’ and loosen the deadlines a bit, to one post a week. In this blog, I started doing the occasional compilation post, such as mod lists for Skyrim and Stardew Valley, or a handful of similar games within the same genre that my brain lumps together. I’d rate the game(s) from 0 to 5 stars and write my recommendation to (not) buy the game. Still not a raging succes, but once more, incredibly fun to do.

5 stars, of which 2,5 are highlighted.

So here we are: third time’s a charm. I moved platforms from a self-hosted WordPress to Substack, and decided I will advertise a bit more because I thrive on reader interaction. I will rate the games from 🗨️ to 🗨️🗨️🗨️, “mildly uninterested” to “wildly enthusiastic” respectively. A summary of the reviews will be posted to Steam. We’ll see where it goes.

Will this time be different? Probably not, but a girl can try.

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